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NNPS student winners at 2012 City Science Fair

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(January 24, 2012) - Here are the winners from Saturday's City Science Fair. First-place, second-place and third-place finishers are eligible to compete in the Tidewater Science Fair, to be held March 10 at Old Dominion University.

Animal Sciences
Junior Division: First Place, Gabrielle Stevans, Dozier Middle School; Second Place, Maddie Wood, Gildersleeve MS; Honorable Mention, Casey Kelly, Gildersleeve MS; Sarina Mikac, Washington MS; and Jeremy Raschen, Washington MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Helen Goggins, Warwick High School; and Peyton Loving, Warwick HS; Second Place, Katilyn Brooks, Warwick HS.

Behavioral & Social Sciences
Junior Division: First Place, Jamie Peltz, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Sophia Ramirez, Gildersleeve MS; Third Place, Jakob Burgos, Dozier MS; Honorable Mention, Kiana Palmer, Dozier MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Aimee Terrell, Woodside HS; Second Place, Elizabeth Pruden, Menchville HS; and Gaelyn Willsie, Menchville HS; Third Place, Melissa Smith-George, Warwick HS; Honorable Mention, Bryant Perry, Heritage HS.

Junior Division: First Place, Carey Crooks, Washington MS; Second Place, Rhiannon Edwards, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Desmond Green, Warwick HS; Honorable Mention, Breonna Brevard, Warwick HS; David Carr, Warwick HS; and Ameerah Welsh, Warwick HS.

Junior Division: First Place, Aaron Hodges, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Taylor Denny, Dozier MS; Third Place, Austin Freeman, Gildersleeve MS; Honorable Mention, Catie Burnette, Dozier MS; Garrett Cinnamon, Washington MS; Anna Coffman, Washington MS; and Charisma Druitt, Dozier MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Louis Rizzi, Menchville; Second Place, Emily Jewell, Warwick HS; Third Place, Andres Aguila, Warwick HS; and Michael Williams, Warwick HS; Honorable Mention, David Brakman, Menchville HS; and Brittany Parker, Woodside HS.

Computer Science
Junior Division: First Place, Trevor Powell, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: Third Place, Isaiah Johnson, Warwick HS; Tristan McCauley, Warwick HS; and Ruslan Nasirov, Warwick HS.

Earth & Planetary Science
Junior Division: Third Place, Keeton Miller, Washington MS.

Energy & Transportation
Junior Division: First Place, Elijuah Cramer, Hines MS; Second Place, Hunter Goodrich, Gildersleeve MS; Third Place, DMitri Johnson, Dozier MS; and Mason Michels, Dozier MS; Honorable Mention, John Klug, Washington MS; Brandon Mueller, Gildersleeve MS; Samuel Tatum, Gildersleeve MS; and Jessica Wilbur, Gildersleeve MS.

Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical
Junior Division: First Place, Daniel Bahr, Washington MS; Second Place, Lewis McAllister, Gildersleeve MS; Third Place, Nicholas Long, Gildersleeve MS; Honorable Mention, Nicholas Augustus, Hines MS; and Rhys Edwards, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Casey Davis, Woodside HS; Second Place, Oleksandr Kuratchenko, Denbigh HS.

Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
Junior Division: First Place, Corbin Hawk, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Kelvin Burgos, Dozier MS; Third Place, Alyson Wandersee, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Laurel Cummings, Warwick HS.

Environmental Sciences
Junior Division: First Place, Skyler DeWall, Washington MS; Second Place, Brandt Borchardt, Washington MS; Third Place, LeAynne Will, Dozier MS; Honorable Mention, Casey Voss, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Chad Biever, Menchville HS; Second Place, Margaret Lenz, Warwick HS; and Ann Marie May, Warwick HS; Third Place, Paula Loving, Woodside HS; Honorable Mention, Kayla Brown, Heritage HS; Tyler Merrill, Heritage HS; and Lee Rivera, Heritage HS.

Junior Division: First Place, Madysen Hansbrough, Dozier MS.

Medicine & Health Sciences
Junior Division: First Place, Ryan Webster, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Miles McAllister, Gildersleeve MS; Third Place, Alexa Jury, Gildersleeve MS; Honorable Mention, Asher Hamilton, Gildersleeve MS; Austin Reed, Hines MS; and Evan Winters, Huntington MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Margaret Vaughan, Woodside HS; Second Place, Biar Raheem, Warwick HS; Third Place, Jorden Rhodall-Wright, Denbigh HS; Honorable Mention, Emmanuel Carter, Menchville HS; Ye-Ji Han, Warwick HS; Kierra King, Warwick HS; and Nelson Moss, Menchville HS.

Junior Division: First Place, Brooke Young, Dozier MS; Second Place, Jillian Cummings, Dozier MS; Honorable Mention, Morgon Smith, Gildersleeve MS; and Bethany Willis, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Kaela Gosdzinski, Warwick HS; Honorable Mention, Eliza Lavery, Warwick HS; Natalie Lavery, Warwick HS; and Amanda Seiken, Warwick HS.

Physics & Astronomy
Junior Division: First Place, William Fitzgerald, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Jazmin Dicks, Dozier MS; Third Place, Erin Kearney, Washington MS; Honorable Mention, Elizabeth Brown, Hines MS; George Carrow, Washington MS; Emily Dawson, Gildersleeve MS; and Bryce Edwards, Gildersleeve MS.
Senior Division: First Place, Christian Hodson, Heritage HS; Second Place, Katie Nice, Warwick HS; and Amy Saunders, Warwick HS; Third Place, Emma Downer, Woodside HS; Honorable Mention, Alex Finneran, Warwick HS; Joseph Hamilton, Denbigh HS; and Lori Lawson, Warwick HS.

Plant Sciences
Junior Division: First Place, Gillian Niesel, Gildersleeve MS; Second Place, Kelsey Davis, Washington MS; Third Place, Molly Warthan, Gildersleeve MS; Honorable Mention, Katherine Pinos, Hines MS; and Madeline Sanchez, Hines MS.
Senior Division: Honorable Mention, Evan Badgett, Warwick HS; and Myriam Warren, Woodside HS.

Egg Drop Contest
First Place, Tanner Loper, Crittenden MS; and Sylas Walls, Crittenden MS; Second Place, Acierto Cabigas, Passage MS; Alejandro Martinez, Passage MS, and Kiara McIntyre-Walker, Passage MS; Third Place, Stanley Jegbah, Passage MS; Honorable Mention, Anjewel Bland, Hines MS; Johnny Bullin, Achievable Dream MS; Tyra Byrd, Hines MS; Lesley Gore, Hines MS; Tamerra Lucas-Hunt, Achievable Dream MS; Danielle Robinson, Achievable Dream MS; Lillian Smith, Hines MS; Jeanna Tyree, Hines MS; and Megan Vick, Hines MS.


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